BRONZE is a new way for music to exist, in which the recorded material is transfigured, generating a unique version on each listening.

Music available in Bronze:

Jessie Ware - Devotion (Gold Re-Work) available now as a free download for Mac desktop.

download Jessie Ware, devotion

Gwilym Gold - Tender Metal album available to buy for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at the app store.

available on the Apple App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bronze do?
BRONZE is a new music format, that can transform and manipulate every aspect of a song, to create a unique version on each listen.
How do I use it?
BRONZE is as simple to use as a CD or MP3, just download the application to your device and press play.
Why would I want to hear a different version on each listen?
Music in BRONZE is in constant motion, enabling a more engaging listening experience. Similar in some ways to a live performance. BRONZE is not intended to replace current listening formats such as MP3's or CD's. It is intended to begin a new creative process where the composition and production of a musical piece no longer requires the final work to exist in a static form.
How to use BRONZE Player
Tap the LISTEN tab. Choose which song you'd like to start with. Tap PLAY and BRONZE will perform an interpretation of the song. The songs will play through in sequence. Tap PLAY again and BRONZE will regenerate from the beginning of the song. STOP will stop playback. There is no pause option, when you tap PLAY again BRONZE will regenerate from the beginning of the song. You can adjust the volume using the slider at the bottom of the page. You can scroll through the songs by swiping left and right or tap LISTEN again to go back and choose another song from the list. Use the bar at the top to navigate around the BRONZE player’s other functions.
Is BRONZE the software or a song?
BRONZE is the software format which allows the song to exist in a non static form. Gwilym Gold was the first artist to use BRONZE to release music.
How is BRONZE different to an MP3 or CD?
BRONZE is the first releasable format that alters the musical components of a song on each listen.
Why can't I play it in an MP3 player or on a CD player?
In order for a song to exist in a non-static form it has to be manipulated using software which cannot run on CD or conventional MP3 players.
What is the audio quality of BRONZE?
BRONZE is the same quality as CD. It is full resolution on both desktop and mobile platforms.
Why is BRONZE quieter than some other CDs or MP3s?
Music in BRONZE does not go through the conventional mastering process allowing for more dynamic variety in playback.
Why are songs larger to download than MP3s?
Two reasons, they are higher quality, and the process that BRONZE uses requires more audio files than a conventional format.
If I like one version can I listen to it again?
No. It was a creative decision for the first release that the song would exist in a similar way to a live performance, and happen only once. Future BRONZE releases may allow you to capture different versions.
Where is the original version of the song?
There is no original version of the song, the music was always created with the intention of it existing in a non-static form, so a conventional fixed arrangement does not exist.
How different is each version of the same song?
The music is changed throughout the song in both subtle and very noticeable ways, each playback of the song is completely unique.
Why does BRONZE not work on other operating systems?
Support for Android, PC and Apple desktop will be completed as soon as possible. Please join the mailing list for future releases and updates.
Why does BRONZE not run on older computers and mobile devices?
BRONZE uses recent advances in both computer and software technology to enable unique playback. Some older operating systems and processors cannot support this.


Why does it not launch on my computer / mobile device?
Please check the minimum hardware and software requirements here
The music sounds unnaturally fast and high pitched on my desktop player?
This is most likely to be your sample rate settings. Follow these instructions to change back to the default setting: Go to Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. Select the output device you're listening through under 'properties for:'. Then select '44.100.0 Hz' under the 'Format' dropdown menu. Quit and restart your Bronze desktop player.
I'm running Lion and the desktop player won't open on my Mac?
ctrl click on the Player and it should give you the option to open.
Why is the sound clicking / jumping?
Bronze should run smoothly and seamlessly on all devices at all times. If it does not, try quitting Bronze, then quitting any other applications that are running in the background. Then relaunch Bronze. If you still experience issues please restart your device.
I still can't get it working. What should I do?
Please contact us here



System Requirements

The Bronze format will currently run on the following devices:


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